Increasing Value in FM Through Process Engineering

Facilities Management is a significant industry sector in the UK, with different sized FM companies offering a range of hard and soft services to private and public sector organisations. FM’s customers are increasingly demanding higher quality, and broader service provision with many, especially those in the public sector, demanding outcome-based provision contracts.

FM is integral to such a wide variety of industries, from management of hospital premises with infrastructure challenges, to public and private sector office space where comfort cooling is key. From outsourced engineering stores at manufacturing factories to retailers and distribution.

Because of this extended reach into many different industries, any issues facing the industries in which FM operates therefore become the challenges of the FM company. Technologies and cost efficiencies are key to FM companies providing additional value to their clients.

Achieving cost efficiencies with Hydro-X Engineering’s flexible water treatment technologies

At Hydro-X Engineering we understand that cost efficiencies and reliable service delivery are key to maintaining a long-term partnership with FM. The Hydro-X group has long-standing relationships with many FM companies, offering these a wide variety of products and service.

The demand for value-add engineering technologies in water treatment applications has never been so important for the FM industry.

Hydro-X Engineering offers an innovative range of bespoke services and engineered products to the FM industry. These include:

  • Cooling tower bleed recovery systems. Hydro-X Engineering has developed an industry-leading cooling tower bleed recovery system that recovers a portion of the bleed water to reuse as make-up water. Saving customers significant amounts of money by reducing the OPEX of cooling plants.
  • Remote monitoring systems offering fully automated management of key parameters of cooling water systems, closed heating and chilled systems, as well as domestic and process water systems.
  • Distribution centre tray wash water recycling. Tray and Dolav washing are highly water-intensive. By designing and implementing a system to collect and treat this water for reuse, customers are able to save water and reduce the overall impact of their process.
  • Efficient high flow cryptosporidium filtration systems. Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that causes the diarrhoeal disease, cryptosporidiosis. By implementing a custom-designed UF system, customers are able to reduce the loading on their pumps which reduces energy usage when compared to traditional cartridge filtration.
  • Secondary disinfection solutions. Including Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), Ultraviolet (UV), and single chemical dosing systems.
  • Packaged water treatment. Water softeners, filtration, water distribution, RO and membrane systems, and ion-exchange systems.
  • Chemical dosing and control systems. Including remote chemical usage and level monitoring.
  • Biofilm and scale monitoring systems linked to automatic dosing for live remediation.
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance agreements for all makes and models of water treatment engineering.


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